Travel Later, Inc. is a provider of technology-based solutions for the travel industry. The company's flagship product, TripFund.co provides vacation deposit matching to consumers helping with budgeting and planning for vacation.

Acknowledging the lack of budgeting and payment options within the travel industry led to the development of Travel Later, Inc. We believe there is plenty of room for innovation within the travel industry and our small, passionate team fully believes that Travel Later has the ability to positively effect the travel industry in a big way.

Some Quick Points...


Corporate office in Chicago, IL

Our company mascot is a Piggy Bank

Travel Later is a Flashstarts Company

We're changing the travel industry in a BIG way!

What we're working on...



We are small and very nimble...constantly looking to build successful solutions for the future. Here are some new things that we are currently developing and looking to roll out very soon:

  • Budgeting Tools - we're building new features that make vacation budgeting effortless
  • Vacation Financing - even with a ding or two on your credit you can still finance your vacation
  • Pay as You GO! - this solution will allow you to book your vacation for as little as $50 per person
  • Vacation Contribution Tool - planning a honeymoon...we're developing a contribution tool that will allow family and friends to donate towards your vacation plan
  • Air Fare Only - with the high cost of flying, we're working on being the first company with with an airfare only option and will roll it out very soon!

A Day in the Life...

Travel Later, Inc. is a Flashstarts company and we're lucky to work side by side with an office full of entrepreneurial people. We're a close-knit and collaborative group that enjoys working and learning from each other. The office culture here is energetic and thriving!